Alkor​/​Nebraska, USA split

by Alkor

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released January 28, 2013



all rights reserved


The Ashton Velvet Rock Club Recording Company Chicago, Illinois

The AVRCRC is now the most popular music label in the history of shit that does crap. We have fantastic releases by BABY GRRRL, FACTORIES, ROBERTS, NEW WAVE DYKE, HUBCAP CITY and MELISSA LONELY, ALKOR, NEBRASKA USA, PUKE SKYWALKER, ROMAN GABRIEL TODD'S THE BEAST RIDING UP OUT OF THE SEA, COORDINATED SUICIDES and more! Good vibes for Mayor. ... more

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Track Name: Alkor - Chill
I saw the Side By Side Orchestra and it was great
I could relate to Dvorak Symphony Number 8
As far as school goes, I'm falling behind
Safe to say that chemistry's got me losing my mind

Things are getting harder
I'm fighting uphill
the weather's getting warm
but I just want to chill.
I should be studious and try hard
but it's all coming down
like Handong and a house of cards

I feel lousy but sometimes I feel good
I do things but I don't know if I should
The truth's come out, I just wanna spoon
I never wanna leave my blanket cocoon
Track Name: Alkor - Hurricane
This hurricane's got me like I dunno
Sick flows from my head kick it high standards not low
I spit fire and venom and boiling hot oil splat
turn your head into something high in trans fats
this summer I wandered in the garden of nature lots of green
running around in my boxers at night on the scene
midnight picnic tables and bolts of lightning
I woke up one day and nearly everything was frightening
so I walked away
wanted to leave rather than stay
visions of tomorrow seem scary today
but I'm back now, back on my game, back on track now
there really isn't much that I lack now
except friends who are near geographically
I live up on a hill high up topographically
so anyway I'm alright, won't flood like Noah
won't oppress like Yom Hashoah
I will survive like Gloria disco
beats go from new york to san francisco
California won't get back til this blows over
if you get back at all I'll kiss my four leaf clover

This year is promising
as high as the sky
safe journey like
heat shrink chicken thighs
this weekend will be good eating
hot pockets and hamburgers on the grill for heating
propane in the membrane make things cook my food
insurance project hope I don't sued
trapped in a bottomless pit of litigation
doctorlawyers grab my imagination
like a backhoe get back ho
I kick it in the woods from lcd screen glow
Track Name: Alkor - Deer Trails
Spent two weeks decompressing
passed all my finals guessing
Managed to remain aloof
climbed a ladder (next to chemistry) and mounted the roof

I’ve got dirt in my skin hair and nails
pocket change flipping like heads and tails
sometimes I wonder if my mind’s off the rails
following night time noises and deer trails

I went away and hiked through the stream
through the summer grass nothing too extreme
At night it gets cold and my legs get stiff
And it helps when I’ve got someone to spoon with

It’s barely the middle of staff training
brain and body straining to keep on maintaining
function and form through a torrential rainstorm
bee swarms and other stuff
…but it’s not always rough
Track Name: Alkor - 3 Weeks Truth
3 weeks or eight nights, take your pick
it doesn’t really matter to me
cos in the end
time is only what clocks measure
and green is the only thing I see

He dashed outside grabbed my sleeping bag
Read about the mind after taking a drag
I liked him
and it was surprising
I’m having trouble

finding hard to express
what I have to decompress from
wishing that under stress
I’d appear slightly less dumb
Well, maybe I’m not
All I know is I’m sore and I’m thankful for what I’ve got

he’s drifting, taking apart a fells point bench
joking about picking up a fells point wench
acting jocular
but you know there’s some truth to it
like when he was fourteen- adding some truth to it
I’ve missed him a lot